What makes volant wear world class in badminton?

Six Reasons to Choose Volant Wear

  1. We have a genuine love for the sport and a unique brand story that revolves specifically around what it means to be a badminton player, but can also be appreciated by those who aren’t.

    Our company name and logo have both historic and symbolic ties to the sport: Volant was drawn from 16th century in France where the game was known as Jeu de Volant, meaning 'The Game of Flight'

    Today, Volant is defined as “the ability to fly or characterised by flight” and is in direct correlation to how we feel as players when we take to the court. Volant is also known to the French as the shuttlecock itself.

    Largest Shuttlecock In The World Volant’s brand logo was derived from the negative spaces between the feathers of the shuttlecock, tying it back to our sport and representing the subtlety behind our brand’s look and feel.

    These unique details that form our brand allow badminton players to wear our clothes proudly everywhere they go, knowing that there is a larger vision and deeper meaning as to why they’re wearing it.

    The name Volant and the design of our logo also allows for the non-badminton player to comfortably and confidently wear theirVolant apparel as everyday wear even if they haven’t yet been exposed to the sport.

  2. The composition of our clothing materials are second to none. They are supremely comfortable and national players have described the feeling as “like wearing a cloud”. Not only does it wick moisture away effectively and dry faster than other brands, it stretches in all directions, which results in limitless movement on and off the court.

    Our tees are meticulously crafted from a polyester & spandex blend, which makes it stretchy and feather-light while enhancing its strength.

    We engineered our shorts with a unique blend of modal, cotton and elastane, providing unrivalled breathability, adequate stretch for all movements, and a soft, comfortable pyjama-like feel. We also wanted to make sure that the shorts were versatile enough to wear anywhere. There are no other pair of badminton shorts like it.

  3. The cut and design of all of our pieces are designed by experts in the fashion and clothing industry and incorporate specifically tailored cuts to allow for unrestricted movement while making them comfortable and aesthetic.

    This means you can swing your racket and move your body as hard, fast and far as you want without feeling restricted.

  4. We’ve stripped away all of the clutter, overdone patterns and unsightly colours you see in badminton down to a simple aesthetic that is so versatile you that don’t need to change after playing. They’ve been specifically designed with an eye for timeless fashion so they can be worn 100 years from now and still look good.

    There are no annoying tags that chafe and scratch your neck or back - unlike many conventional clothing tags which only get more irritating as you keep cutting or trimming them repeatedly! And for our shorts, there are no draw strings, just the perfect waistband that conforms to your body and requires zero effort to wear.

    We take notice of the finer details that makes clothing special for you.

  5. When you wear your Volant shorts, you’ll find some pocket inspiration that will make you feel unstoppable and remind you that you belong to a team with an important shared vision - to show the world how incredible badminton is.

    And even if you’re not a badminton player, we want to remind you that you have the ability to show your true self, make your own decisions and take flight in your life.

  6. The functionality of the clothing has been repeatedly tried and tested by national and international level badminton players, including the former Number 1 Australian Men’s Singles player, Jeff Tho, in both off-court and on-court in training and competitions.

    Jeff is one of the founders of Volant Wear and has had a direct input on how the clothing should feel and move around your body for the best playability and comfort. He knows and understands first hand that the way that the clothes wear has a significant influence on performance.