The Badminton Podcast

The Badminton Podcast

You're probably already aware that we started Volant Wear, a badminton-inspired clothing brand in Melbourne, Australia. The reason that we started the brand is because we want to make badminton a more mainstream, popular and celebrated sport in the world. We don't think that it gets the recognition that it deserves. Just look at the prize money in tennis compared to badminton! 

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People often know about the sport (as a backyard or beach sport), but they don't understand what it takes to be good at the sport, and how amazing the world's best badminton players are. 

Outdoor Badminton

Our vision is simple: to show the world how incredible badminton is. And in doing so, we want to empower badminton players and fans to grow and share their love for the sport.

We plan on doing that in several ways, which includes changing the way badminton looks (through our Volant Wear clothing range) and building a community that teaches badminton players how to be better at their game and at life (us included!). 

As such, we have started The Badminton Podcast, where we interview badminton players (professional & social) to talk about what they love about the sport, what they've learnt from it and how it has impacted their life. But rather than only talk about badminton, we also want to give our listeners value in their lives also - whether personal or professional. We know there are plenty of players in the badminton community who may or may not be successful badminton players but are also experts in various other fields; we would love to share their insights with listeners to assist in their development in sports, careers and life as well. 

If you are a badminton player with an area of expertise that you'd like to share with our community, please get in touch with us! Also, if there are any topics you'd like for us to discuss or players that you would like to see on our podcast, please comment below! 

If you'd prefer to use your favourite podcast platform, it is available on the following platforms: Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Breaker, Anchor, Overcast, Pocket Casts, RadioPublic, Player FM.

Just search for "The Badminton Podcast".

Here's our current episode list. Click on an episode to start listening!

  1. Why we started The Badminton Podcast
  2. How badminton helps in the corporate world - Sam Ho
  3. Getting the most out of training - Aaron Tan
  4. 2019 World Championships – Jeff Tho
  5. What makes a good coach? – Stuart Rowlands
  6. Building High Performing Teams – Andrew Surman
  7. How to live your passion – Henry Wong
  8. All about career changes – Erica Pong
  9. Preventing badminton injuries through strength training – Justin Li
  10. Hitting your goals rapidly – Jeff Tho
  11. Roadmap to senior manager at a Big 4 firm – Saliya Gunaratne
  12. Gronya Somerville - who is she on a deeper level?
  13. Solibad: Making a difference with badminton – Raphael Sachetat
  14. Badminton Vs Tennis - Ernest Ng
  15. LinkedIn Badminton - Ferdi Mak
  16. Building a life around the love of badminton – Becky Ances
  17. Hans-Kristian Vittinghus - balancing professional badminton with life
  18. The ingredients for success – Tjitte (TJ) Weistra
  19. Badminton-preneurship - Swift Badminton
  20. The Imposter Syndrome - Mia Naslund
  21. 2020 Olympic Medal Predictions - Jeff Tho & Henry Wong
  22. Subtle Badminton Traits - a chat with Josef Sutrisna
  23. Foot for thought - Jasmine Kouch
  24. Joshua Hurlburt-Yu - it's not easy to stop playing badminton!
  25. Asian vs European Training Styles - Ruud Bosch
  26. Sam Magee - competing against the big badminton nations
  27. Kirsty Gilmour - athlete life & the things you don't see
  28. Brice Leverdez - shaping the beliefs of the next generation
  29. Be a CEO - Richard Vaughan
  30. Bend it like Ben Beckman - Swift Badminton