Jeff Tho & Henry Wong Founders of Volant Wear Badminton Inspired Activewear | Sportswear

About Us

We're Henry & Jeff.

Two avid players here for the love of badminton.

We love the speed, power, skill, fitness and athleticism of the sport. 

We love the crisp and melodically-unique sound that the shuttle plays on our rackets.

How it feels when we step onto the court - like we’re flying, we’re unstoppable and we have the freedom to show our true selves.

And we love sharing these feelings with the people we play with.

Growing up in Australia, we both know that not all sports are perceived equally, and some sports are deemed to be lesser compared to those that are more mainstream. Even as the second-most popular sport globally, and the fastest racket sport in the world, badminton is still considered a backyard hobby.

Not many people appreciate what it takes to be a great badminton player and how amazing the sport actually is. But we want them to.

Hence, Volant Wear was born.

Volant traces back to the origins of badminton itself, and defines the ability to fly or glide, which is exactly how we want you to feel when you step onto the court.

To feel unstoppable.

To look exceptional.

To belong to a team that has absolute pride in the sport we love.

And to unite in our vision to show the world how incredible badminton is.